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Introducing Quantum Healing

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) and Soul Regression Therapy involves a method of inducing you into a deeper state of consciousness, also known as the Somnambulistic state. This is a level of consciousness that we all experience daily- just before you fall asleep and just before you wake up. Within this process, deepening bodily relaxation combined with in-depth visualization is maintained. This allows one to explore the most appropriate time and place of their past in this lifetime or a past lifetime, helping them make a connection to the present moment. The conscious mind steps aside and works cooperatively along with and connecting to the Subconscious or Higher Self. The Higher Self is an extremely powerful and knowledgeable aspect of each individual.  Emotions are then released, questions are answered, and healing is given to the greatest extent possible. This form of Hypnotherapy is especially for those that are on their journey of spiritual awakening.


Works on all levels – physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual and soul level

  • Helps to relieve discomfort or heal from an illness

  • Releases and clears old traumas, guilt, vows

  • Heals family karma and past lives

  • Helps to understand relationships

  • Helps to get rid of addictions, negative patterns, attachments

  • Helps abundance and deserving

  • Helps spiritual growth and directs toward the soul purpose





"Mind Body & Soul Connection"

Jacqueline Christlieb.

Soul Regression Practitioner

I was born in 1983 and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. Although I have 2 half-sisters, I was pretty much raised as an only child. Being the youngest, I had both parents at home growing up. My father and I had a very hard and difficult relationship, where my mother and I have always connected on another level. She was and still is an angel in my world, my best friend.

During my teen years, my mother introduced me to a book by Sylvia Brown, "The Other Side and Back," that allowed me to explore the afterlife. This is when my spiritual journey began. It opened up my eyes to the endless possibilities that very few people I knew spoke of. For many years I read countless books about the spirit side and angels. Much of what I learned in my readings resonated with me. It was when I read one specific book "Many Minds, Many Masters" by Brian Weiss, that I became infatuated with past lives and the healing possibilities.

During my mid-20's I took a detour. Some might say, "life happened". It wasn't until just after my father's passing in the beginning of 2019 that I had my true spiritual awakening. I now understand that when you ask, you shall receive. After his passing, I had kept asking for guidance to be sent my way, and it really did happen!

My husband's aunt (Aunt Linda) was physically sent to me to help me get back on my spiritual path. This story is very special to me and I have hopes to share it with all one day. Since, I feel and know that my soul has grown tremendously. Soul growth is something that I work on daily. I personally believe that we come here to learn or remember, re-create, and that it is a continuous process for all.

During my true spiritual awakening process, I learned of Dolores Cannon and her work. Dolores Cannon was an author, past-life regressionist, and hypnotherapist that specialized in the recovery and cataloging of Lost Knowledge. She created a unique technique of hypnosis-Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT). I just knew that this was something I had to eventually learn. In the midst of all of this, I was blessed to find a wonderful friend and mentor to Soul Regression Therapy, Shay. Soul Regression Therapy is a combination of QHHT, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Beyond Quantum Healing, and Introspective Healing Hypnosis. 

To me, timing is everything. Even though there is so much sadness and heartache with Covid-19, there have also been many blessings. One of the blessings for me is that I have had the opportunity to slow down. It allowed me to enjoy my family and to work on self-growth. A major part of my self-growth has been understanding my purpose in this life-time. Although I am still learning daily, I understand that I am a Lightworker here to help others.

Please reach out if you are interested in a session. I look forward to working with you!



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  • Tap into the healing of your Higher Self

  • Get answers or a clear vision of things that you like, talents you have, passions, and the reasons behind them​

  • Explore your past lives

  • Find your purpose in this lifetime

  • Release and heal lodged emotions in the body

  • Get help with finding the origin of a disease or fear

  • Get help reaching a higher state of consciousness

  • Communicate with guides or loved ones on the spirit side

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QHHT and Soul Regression

QHHT and Soul Regression is a profound way of connecting with your Higher Self. Through this process you can release and heal emotions in the body, get answers to all of your life’s questions, receive clear guidance on your career, relationships, soul purpose, and gain direction from your Higher Self.

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Past Life Regressions

Remembering your past lives help you to see the events in other lifetimes that led to this particular incarnation. This can help you overcome certain fears or phobias, help you understand why certain people are in your life, and even help you to discover your unique life lessons and purpose.

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Lauren E.

With the pandemic and quarantine I was feeling a lot more anxiety than usual which I am sure most can relate to. I was just seeking some help and guidance in a more natural, healthy way. I stumbled upon Jacqueline and QHHT/ Soul Regression and I had to try it. Jacqueline instantly made me comfortable she exudes this warmth and acceptance which just puts you at ease. She asked me some questions beforehand including any physical aliments which I struggle with Chronic Migraine Syndrome.

During the actual experience I don’t remember much but I do remember the comfortability and calmness that came over me. When I came back to I felt a million times lighter and refreshed like I just woke up from the best nap of my life. Jacqueline shared with me what I needed to know from the session and provided me with a recording as well which was AMAZING.

I have since gotten off my preventative migraine treatment because I get migraines much less since our session. Not to mention what you really get to know about yourself and what your guides want to teach you. I 10/10 would recommend! Especially for first timers, Jacqueline is absolute best!!

Adrian M.

I stumbled upon Dolores Cannon and her work with QHHT after watching several videos on YouTube and was intrigued after reading "The Convoluted Universe". I figured that it would help advance my spiritual journey.

All I can say is wow! The experience was amazing! Jacqueline's vibe was awesome and she made me feel very comfortable.

And the QHHT session? Mind blowing!

She guided me through three of my past lives and a few other places from my past.

On one of my visits, I was from another planet. We landed on Earth and helped indigenous people (possibly Mayan) build aqueducts and taught them how to grow and harvest their crops. The pyramids were brand new and we communicated telepathically.

On another visit, I got to see my dad. He passed away in 1991. I was able to hug him and cry. I felt everything. That helped release a lot of emotional pain that I was holding on to. 

As a result, I don't get triggered or upset like I used to. And from my past life experiences, I learned that I am here to help and teach others how to advance and better themselves.

I highly recommend QHHT to anyone that is curious about their past lives or wanting to to learn more about themselves and heal from past traumas.

Thank you so much Jacqueline!  You are awesome and thank you for the amazing experience!

Mercy Q.

I will start by saying that this is one of the most extraordinary experiences I ever imagine having. I am familiar with Dolores Cannon work, that is what mainly led me to try it myself. Past life regression is something I have been interested since I was in my early 20’s since I heard it had therapeutic effects and helped many people understand why they suffer from certain life patterns, traumas and physical problems. I am glad that I met the right person to help me with that. I found Jacqueline when I visited Dolores Cannon web site, and I realized that she was one of the few current Vegas practitioners. I contacted her by email, and she responded quickly. She took the time to call me and walked me through the process before we met in person; she was very patient and understanding.
One of the many reasons for me to have that session was my physical ailments that appear five years ago, and physicians could not give me an answer of their origin. I wanted to have the opportunity to heal through QHHT, but more than that I was curious to know who I used to be in my past lives and understand why I am the way I am, find answers to work on my personal issues.
At first, I had trouble going under because my ego was playing mind games with me: “you are making it up” however; Jacqueline, took the time to start all over gain and guided me to trust my soul and   subconscious. She made me feel safe and that allowed me to see the lives I was supposed to visit: a life as a bird (Hawk) and a life as a Grey (alien). After visiting those two lives, my subconscious answered all the questions I had, since then one of the physical problems started healing right away after the session.
I went to see my doctor for a follow up visit and a physical examination 5 days after and the tests looked normal. I am convinced that I am still healing and that I will get better. After the session, I felt tired, and I slept about ten hours, I had vivid dreams that had more answers to my questions. And I understood more what the message from those lifetimes were.
I recommend this therapy to anyone who is willing to get answers, it does not matter if you are skeptical, it is real. I recommend doing it with Jacqueline, because she is very dedicated, patient, knowledgeable, flexible, and genuinely wants to help her clients.


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