Frequently Ask Questions

How can QHHT and Soul Regression help me?

It can help you in any way you want, really. There are no limitations. You can get answers to the questions you may have. You may self heal your physical, emotional, mental, and energetic body. You can connect better with your Higher Self and others you want to connect with. You are the reason for this all to happen and you are in control. Whatever you want and allow to happen, will. I am your facilitator and I will assist you in the best way I can using my experience, integrity, and compassion.

What is your Higher Self and how do I connect with it?

The creator of QHHT, Dolores Cannon, when she first tapped into the Higher Self, did not know what to call it, so she called it "the Subconscious". Others call it the Higher Self, Supersoul, Oversoul. This is a bigger part of you that has all the answers and carries out the healing of the body on many levels. You are already connected with your Higher Self. Most of us just do not listen to it, or are not aware of it, or simply cannot recognize it, or deny it. We are part of the Higher Self and it is not something 'higher' or better than you, because it IS you. This part of you has the inner wisdom you want to tap into to find answers to your questions. The easier way to connect to your Higher Self is when you are deeply relaxed.

How is QHHT and Soul Regression different from other hypnosis modalities and is it safe?

QHHT and Soul Regression Therapy is not a suggestive hypnosis where suggestions are put into your subconscious. This is YOUR journey and YOUR wisdom flowing through you and your Higher Self. It is absolutely safe, you are in control with power to release trapped emotions and self heal.

Does this method work for everyone?

This modality is not suitable for people who are deaf, as I need to speak to a person. Moreover, I do not work directly with small children. Also, it is suggested that people with a diagnosed multi-personality disorder should not be treated.

What is Past Life Regression?

Past Life Regression is the tool that we may use during the hypnosis session, but please note that not everyone goes into the past in another lifetime. Some go into the past in this lifetime, some to the future, some in between lives where they meet their passed loved ones, or speak to the Council; some visit other dimensions where Akashic records are kept, or different planets they connect with. Some go to more complex advanced 'ideas'. It is all very individual and unique. There are not two same sessions. There is no right or wrong way to experience, either. Your session will be unique, so please do not have any expectations as to where you will 'go', or how you will 'get there'. Your expectations will limit your experience, so please come open minded, Trust and Allow.

Can you guarantee that I will go under?

All hypnosis is self hypnosis and your session’s success depends 99% on you and how much you allow yourself to deeply relax and trust the process. Everyone can reach that deeper state as you do every day-just before you fall asleep and just as you are waking up. Because you are always in control I cannot guarantee you to go under, but I will absolutely do my best to help you go using not only the QHHT method, but also my experience and connection to Source. Know and trust that you are in good hands and allow yourself this beautiful experience that words cannot simply describe.

What if I can’t visualize?

We can all visualize, but not all of us can do it vividly. You may be more auditorial (reacting more to sounds), or more kinaesthetic (reacting more to bodily perceptions), or a combination of visual, auditory and kinaesthetic. Just remember that the way you experience is the right way for you. Just go with it. If you can't “see” it. Just think it. Make a mental picture, sound, or feeling of it. Your experience and perceptions are unique to you and no one else. Whatever you perceive is right for you. Trust and Allow.

What does a session look like and how long is it?

There are three parts to a session: Interview-We get familiar with each other and most importantly, I learn about you and your life. This helps me to guide you in the best way possible during your session. Hypnosis-First, we visit another time and place. Next, we contact your Subconscious or Higher Self. This is where the wisdom, guidance, and healing of the mind, body, and soul comes from. Post-We debrief and discuss your experience that took place during hypnosis. Depending on your needs, sessions are 3-5 hours long.

What should I do to prepare for a session?

It is important to set an intention for your upcoming session, yet allow yourself to be open to the endless possibilities. Eating clean, drinking lots of water, and taking it easy are essential. Also, make a list to bring to your session of any ailments and questions (20 max) you would like answered.

Will I remember my session?

Although most are concise during hypnosis, parts of the session begin to fade shortly after, just like a dream does. It is beneficial to listen to your recording the days following the session. This will help you incorporate the learnings that took place and the wisdom of your Higher Self. As a result, more healing will occur.

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